Please see our measurement guide. Further in depth information, including a how to measure guide can be found below.

Description UK 6-8 UK 8-10 UK 10-12 UK 12-14 UK 14-16
Bust (at fullest) 76-81cm 81-86cm 86-91cm 91-96cm 96-101cm
Underbust (ribcage) 64-69cm 69-74cm 74-79cm 79-84cm 84-89cm
Waist (at narrowest) 58-63cm 63-68cm 68-76cm 73-78cm 78-83cm
Hip @ 10cm below waist 77-82cm 82-87cm 87-92cm 92-97cm 97-102cm
Hip @ 20cm below waist 85-90cm 90-95cm 95-100cm 100-105cm 105-110cm
Thigh 50-53cm 53-56cm 56-59cm 59-62cm 62-65cm
Nape to waist 40-40.5cm 40.5-41cm 41-41.5cm 41.5-42cm 42-42.5cm

Purchasing a bra: Please find your bust at fullest and underbust measurement using our how to measure guide, then refer to the chart below.

1) Find you underbust measurement in our chart below, this will show your band width.

2) Look underneath your band width to find your bust at fullest measurement, this will show your cup size.

For example an underbust measurement of 76cm = band width 34. With an overbust measurement of 97cm = cup size E. Bra size = 34E

Underbust 59-64cm 64-69cm 69-74cm 74-79cm 79-84cm
28 Band 30 Band 32 Band 34 Band 36 Band
A Cup 71-73cm 76-78cm 81-83cm 86-88cm 91-93cm
B Cup 73-75cm 78-80cm 83-85cm 88-90cm 95-97cm
C Cup 75-77cm 80-82cm 85-87cm 90-92cm 97-99cm
D Cup 77-79cm 82-84cm 87-89cm 92-94cm 99-101cm
DD Cup 79-81cm 84-86cm 89-91cm 94-96cm 10-103cm
E Cup 81-83cm 86-88cm 91-93cm 96-98cm 103-105cm
F Cup 83-85cm 88-90cm 93-95cm 98-100cm
FF Cup 85-87cm 90-92cm 95-97cm

How to measure:

Top tip: If you are taking your measurements yourself, do so looking into a mirror, to ensure the tape measure is at a parallel line to the floor, for all horizontal measurements.

Bust at fullest: Wearing a supportive but not heavily padded bra, measure the fullest part of your bust (ensure the tape measure is horizontal)

Underbust: Without wearing a bra, place the tape measure around you ribcage, directly under your bust. Breath in, breath out to ensure this measurement is not too tight.

Waist: The best way to measure your natural and narrowest waist measurement is to tie a piece of string around your waist, comfortably but not too loose. Then simply measure the line formed by the string with your tape measure. (Leave the string on your waist to measure your hip measurement)

High Hip: You need this measurement for knickers and thongs. Measure 10cm down from your natural waistline, keeping a parallel line, measure around the hips.

Lower Hip: You need this measurement for chemise’s and boy shorts. Measure 20cm down from your natural waistline, keeping a parallel line, measure around the hips.

Nape to Waist: Please consider this measurement when purchasing a body from our store. Your ‘Nape’ is the bony part found at the bottom of your neck, measure from your nape to your natural waistline (as above). Our petite (-2cm) or tall (+2cm) may be a good option for you. Simply add to the order notes, or email